About us

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Mason, Ohio, TrueChoicePack (TCP) Corp. is a leader in providing packaging and disposable solutions. As proven experts in designing, manufacturing and distributing a wide range of green, traditional, customized and private label packaging and disposable products, TCP offers a ‘total solution.’ Our team helps customers through every step of the packaging process ‘from concept to delivery’ to ensure its customers achieve their business goals.

The company provides an array of products including food service tableware, boxes, bottles, bags, trash can liners,  cushions/in-packs,  gloves, aprons, a wide range of shipping and disposable supplies and more. TCP also provides value-added services including warehousing, distribution, R&D and consulting. As a total solution provider for industries, TCP serves markets ranging from food & beverage to healthcare, pharmaceutical, automotive, electronics, consumer, entertainment, retail/grocery, construction and industrial.

TrueChoicePack’s value proposition is to provide customers packaging and disposable solutions that maximize quality, efficiency, sustainability and profitability. TCP has developed a robust infrastructure coupled with a strong, global supply chain manufacturing network to ensure products are delivered where and when they are needed. TCP’s customers benefit from reduced lead times, greater flexibility, accurate order processing and just-in-time delivery – regardless of where they or their customers are located.

TCP team understands that the packaging and disposable needs of each customer are unique, and so we offer a distinctive, consultative approach and services to satisfy these needs. Our ability to develop highly innovative solutions is the result of our in-house R&D capabilities. Our CSO/COO, a Ph.D. Scientist, leads our company’s quality management, R&D and innovation efforts. Our in-house R&D expertise and worldwide manufacturing and distribution network enable us to provide cost-effective, innovative packaging and disposables to our customers.

TCP team is an expert in developing sustainable solutions that can help corporations to achieve their ‘zero waste goals.’ Our successful BioGreenChoice® brand and product line – featuring 100% biodegradable and compostable food service disposable products – is one of the leading sustainable food service disposable lines. TCP manufactures over 100 products that are made from renewable resources like bagasse and cornstarch. All these products degrade in 90 days in commercial composting facilities, and they are BPI-certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute.