At TrueChoicePack, a total solutions provider through comprehensive product offerings, distinctive process, approach, expertise in developing custom and private label products, In house Research and Development expertise and global supply chain network are our differentiators and that truly differentiate us from our competitors:

1) Our Process


Our expert team develops the packaging and disposable products that not only fit to your needs, but are also affordable and environmentally friendly. While developing packaging or disposable solutions for you, our process remains oriented to best utilize these following steps:

1. Engineered solutions to meet the design and aesthetic requirements that help your
products succeed.
2. Process management to minimize waste and reduce the environmental impact of
3. Materials science to ensure that your products are developed in the material
most suited to their end use.
4. Product life cycle considerations to minimize the environmental impact of your products from cradle to grave.

2) Our Approach


We truly believe that ONE SIZE DOESN’ FIT ALL. Our process includes four critical stages:

We listen

Our process begins by listening closely to your needs. We gather information regarding your current state of packaging, as well as the issues and concerns associated with them. Then we interview your team and key stakeholders to understand your expectations and the desired outcomes and goals associated new product.

We research

We also conduct site and store visits, audits or gather industry feedback if needed. Whether you want to be innovative, sustainable or competitive, we need to understand completely.

We test

We test Before final recommendations, we test designs and prototypes to evaluate structural integrity and ensure the solution fits your specific requirements.

We deliver

Once you are satisfied with your potential final product, we assess your volume requirements and additional services that you may require, such as certifications, distribution or supply chain management. Our expert team goes beyond creating packaging and disposable solutions that meet and exceed your expectations. We also facilitate delivering these products to your sites or retails stores. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that throughout the process, you achieve best practices, leading to greater efficiency, sustainability and profitability.

3) Our global supply chain network


Managing a supply chain is a complex endeavor, made even more challenging in today’s highly regulated – and often volatile – marketplace. TCP customers experience the myriad of advantages offered by our streamlined, global supply chain. Developed to maximize value and efficiency, our strong manufacturing network allows us to manufacture, warehouse and ship your products worldwide – in the right quantity, to the right place, at the right time.
In order to help you stay competitive, TCP provides you with access to products provided by world class manufacturers at the best possible prices. Our core business is centered on supplying large container orders from manufacturing facilities. We have built strong relationships with leading manufacturers and distributors from North America, South America and Asia, enabling us to provide superior packaging solutions that can improve quality, sustainability, efficiency and profitability. We also maintain the appropriate insurances to mitigate risks throughout the supply chain process. While providing you products and services, we strive to reduce carbon footprint along the entire supply chain. In the end, our global supply chain capability will reduce your capital costs and allow you to focus on your customers and business.

4) In house R&D expertise


One of our greatest strengths is our in house in Research and Development capabilities. Our Chief Scientific Officer/ COO manage our company’s operations, quality and Research & Development areas. He possesses Ph.D. in Biochemistry and more than 15 years of successful research and development experience. Our in house scientific capabilities and relationships with number of academic and private Research Institutes enable us to provide a wide range of Research and Development services in the areas of new product development, materials, engineering etc. Our expert team works with many laboratories around the world to develop and test our customers’ new products and inventions. Please contact us if you want us to develop or test new products or materials for you.

5) Green, Traditional, Custom and private label packaging and disposable solutions


We truly serve you as your ONE STOP SHOP for your all packaging and disposable needs. We are committed to help you achieve efficiency and profitability by reducing you’re your total cost of ownership. Generally, when business customers buy products, they only consider the cost structure of products through traditional methods. These methods only take into account the price for which the supplier is willing to sell the item. It usually includes the supplier’s manufacturing costs, overhead costs, and profit, but it may or may not include factors such as your costs for transportation and many other associated costs to bring the product to your location, inventory stocking and managing, quality issues, managing suppliers etc.
Therefore, apart from developing private label and customized packaging and disposable solutions for you, we have access to provide you thousands of shipping, packaging and disposables products that are high quality, competitive in prices and we can make them available to you upon your request. We can warehouse and ship products for our customers anywhere in the world. Therefore, we stock inventories for you and provide you in small quantities as you needed so you don’t need to invest your resources and deal with any hassles. We can also distribute your products anywhere in the United States based on your request.