Hall of Fame

hall of fame
Dr. Rakesh Rathore is Chief Operating Officer of TrueChoicePack.As a private brand innovator, he has used his strong scientific background in biochemistry and research work in the U.S., Sweden, and India to drive innovation within TrueChoicePack.
Under his leadership, the company has embraced next-generation materials, such as PHA bioplastics, PFAS-free fiber molded formulations, and plastic products with post-consumer recycled content. These innovative solutions have helped retailers comply with new and upcoming sustainability regulations. Rather than taking a reactive approach to regulations and market changes, Rakesh has remained on the cutting-edge of innovation to help customers anticipate changes before they happen.
In many cases, the company has introduced private brand innovations before national brands. In fact, with the new regulations across disposable categories, Rakesh recently led the team to update an existing SKU with a Fortune 500 customer and launched PFAS-free products with equivalent performance to those products containing PFAS.

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