Private label brands

Your brand is your business. Converting disposable and packaging products to private label branding is a highly specialized skill. We recognize that adapting your product for wholesale categories as well as retail locations requires attention to detail. Beyond maintaining the integrity of your brand through consistent color and image quality, we can help you manage such specifics as repackaging products in smaller cases, GTIN codes and more. In addition, we take care of the unique third-party industry certifications from BPI, FDA and others required to market your products. Bringing your private label products to life demands engineering, materials and R&D knowledge combined with a robust manufacturing, warehousing and delivery network to ensure you have sufficient inventories to keep your shelves stocked. We bring this unique experience to the table.

TCP provides private label solutions for a variety of packaging and disposables, including: (graphic needed)

  • Food Service Tableware: Plates, Bowls, Cups, Sleeves and Straws etc.
  • Paper Disposables including: Paper Towels, Wipes, Tissues, etc.
  • Trash Can Liners, Storage Bags, Plastic Films/Cling Wrap
  • Bags for Medical and Retail
  • Other Disposables: Gloves, and more



TRADITIONAL Paper and Plastic Materials