• Alcohol Wipes

    ✔️Multipurpose – Progress Essentials alcohol wipes are an all-purpose household cleaning solution. Use them as hand sanitizer wipes, cell phone sanitizer wipes, travel
    wipes, or household disinfectant wipes.
    ✔️Powerful – Eliminates germs and helps keep your family healthy! Progress wipes contain a powerful cleansing formula of 75% ethyl alcohol to rapidly sanitize surfaces.
    Highly effective for use as disinfecting wipes or sanitizing wipes.
    ✔️Practical – Like all Progress products, our alcohol wipes are simple and effective, containing just water and alcohol: say goodbye to harsh chemicals and scents!
    Disposable alcohol wipes are safe for external use.
    ✔️FDA Registered – Accept no substitutes! Progress antibacterial wipes meet all FDA requirements. NDC # 80882-001-50
    ✔️Convenient–Stay prepared for anything with our value size pack of disposable alcohol sanitizing wipes. Keep a pack in your car or bag, for rapid sanitizing on-the-go!
    ✔️Elegant – Package features a pleasant design and resealable flip top lid for hassle-free, sanitary dispensing |50 wipes per pack, each large wipe measures 6 in x 8

    Size :

    Color: White