• Cold Paper Cups

    ✔️Disposable: BioGreenChoice Cold Cups (made from paper and lined with a PLA bio lining) are the perfect green alternative to disposable paper cups. They are a great choice for use in a variety of industries, such as: hotels, cafeterias, catered events, parties, homes and more.
    ✔️Eco-Friendly: Our cold cups are made from paper and lined with PLA as opposed to plastic or wax made of harmful chemicals. The bio lining is a sustainable resource that is a strong, durable alternative to traditional plastic lining and chemical waxes. These cups will efficiently biodegrade (in commercial facilities) as opposed to taking up more room in our overflowing landfills for years to come.
    ✔️Quality Assured: BioGreenChoice cold cups can handle a wide range of temperatures (up to 200°F). They are strong and sturdy, allowing them to hold a variety of different liquids from smoothies to lemonade.
    ✔️ Certified for food contact: All BioGreenChoice meet the necessary requirements for food contact.

    Size : 12,16 oz

    Color: White, Color