BioGreenChoice is a part of the solution to the ecological crisis, offering the world an eco-friendly alternative to traditional paper and plastic disposable products. Our CPLA cutlery offers a variety of consumers the opportunity to conserve natural resources by utilizing sustainable, compostable materials. C-PLA is a modified Poly Lactic Acid, which is a polymer derived from cornstarch and modified to have stronger heat resistance than regular PLA. BioGreenChoice cutlery is healthier for humans to use and healthier for the environment. It does not carry an odor or alter the taste of food. BioGreenChoice is the smart, simple solution to achieving “zero waste” in all industries, including (but not limited to) restaurants, cafeterias, hotels, catered events, homes and all types of parties and celebrations.

  • DISPOSABLE: BioGreenChoice cutlery (made from CPLA) is the perfect green alternative to disposable plastic cutlery. This cutlery is a great choice for use in a variety of industries, such as: hotels, cafeterias, catered events, parties, homes and more.
  • ECO FRIENDLY: Our cutlery is made from modified Poly Lactic Acid (CPLA), a material developed from cornstarch. CPLA is a sustainable resource that is a strong, durable alternative to traditional plastic. This cutlery will efficiently biodegrade (in commercial facilities) as opposed to taking up more room in our overflowing landfills for years to come.
  • QUALITY ASSURED: BioGreenChoice CPLA cutlery can handle a wide range of temperatures (up to 185oF), which makes it suitable for foods that are both hot and cold. It is strong and sturdy, making it easy to eat a variety of foods.
  • CERTIFIED FOR FOOD CONTACT: All BioGreenChoice meet the necessary requirements for food contact.
Item NumberProduct DescriptionPack CountCase Quantity
BGC-2041Compostable CPLA Flatware Forks2420
BGC-2045Compostable CPLA Flatware Forks1006
BGC-2042Compostable CPLA Flatware Spoons2420
BGC-2046Compostable CPLA Flatware Spoons1006
BGC-2043Compostable CPLA Flatware (Forks/Spoons/Knives) 8 each2420
BGC-2044Compostable CPLA Flatware (Forks/Spoons/Knives)3803
BGC-201Fork - Compostable / C-PLA1000
BGC-202Knife - Compostable / C-PLA1000
BGC-203Spoon - Compostable / C-PLA1000
BGC-223Compostable 6" Fork plastic wrapped1000
BGC-224Compostable 6" Spoon plastic wrapped1000
BGC-225Compostable 6" Knife plastic wrapped1000
BGC-221Compostable 6" Fork w/Napkin 6"x9" plastic wrapped1000
BGC-222Compostable 6" Spoon w/Napkin 6"x9" plastic wrapped1000
BGC-206Set: (Knife, Fork, Spoon, Napkin) Wrapped - Compostable / C-PLA250
BGC-207Fork - individually wrapped - Compostable / C-PLA750
BGC-208Knife- individually wrapped - Compostable / C-PLA750
BGC-209Spoon - individually wrapped - Compostable / C-PLA750
BGC-210Tasting spoon (With Coffee Stirrer) - Compostable / C-PLA3000
BGC-211Coffee Stirrer - Compostable / C-PLA3000
BGC-213Tasting Spoon (Wide) - Compostable / C-PLA2000