TrueChoicePack Recognized in Cincy Magazine’s MANNY Awards

TrueChoicePack (TCP) has been selected as a winner of Cincy Magazine’s 14th annual MANNY Awards. MANNY Awards are dedicated to acknowledging the manufacturing industry’s greatest accomplishments. The manufacturing business has played a large role in the economic development of the Tristate area. For this reason, each year Cincy Magazine acknowledges companies who have tremendously impacted the growth of our region. They do this by honoring local companies for their innovation and best practices. Development of the Disposable Face Mask launched under their Progress brand, and their contributions to the Greater Cincinnati area, has landed TCP a spot in the MANNY Awards’ Biggest Breakthrough category.

“TrueChoicePack is one-hundred percent committed to putting excellent products in the hands of our customers, and we pride ourselves on providing them with what they need, when they need it”, says Heena Rathore, CEO and Cofounder of TrueChoicePack. “We are more than honored to be recognized by Cincy Magazine as an impactful manufacturer in the region, and we will continue to dedicate ourselves to providing innovative solutions for consumers.”

Since their origination, TCP’s focus has been to help customers achieve their ‘Zero Waste Goals’. One of the ways they are able to do this, is by utilizing the industry-leading BioGreenChoice® brand, a 100% biodegradable and compostable product line. Across industries and the world, TCP has continued to see a positive trend of even higher expectations for responsible corporate actions towards sustainability goals. Consumers as well are demanding packaging that is eco-friendly and safe to use. The distribution of top-notch compostable disposable and packaging solutions has remained a top priority for the company, and been a major factor in their current success.

This year, TCP has hit the ground running as they launched a multitude of products under their new brand called Progress. Progress is an innovative line of dependable, essential products which includes Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). “As a large-scale distributor & manufacturer, it’s important that we provide innovative products to people across all industries,” says Rakesh Rathore, Ph.D., COO and Cofounder of TrueChoicePack. “The launch of our Disposable Face Mask and other PPE products is a reflection of our commitment to sustainability, and to the community.” The Progress PPE line includes quality disposable face masks, gloves, and cleaning wipes.

TrueChoicePack is a total solutions provider for private label brands, customized disposables, and PPE products. They are a proven expert in the design, manufacturing & distribution of products to the retail and food & beverage industries, as well as to consumers. Their goal is to provide customers with disposables that maximize quality, efficiency, sustainability and profitability. To meet these goals, they offer products that are made from renewable and compostable materials, as well as traditional paper and plastic materials.

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