Value proposition

With our international supply chain for manufacturing and distribution combined with our in-house R&D capabilities, we design, manufacture and distribute a wide range of green, traditional, private label and customized products; and provide value-added services that maximize quality, efficiency, sustainability and profitability. Our value-added packaging and disposable solutions will help you:

1. Develop CUSTOMIZED PACKAGING & DISPOSABLE solutions to meet your unique needs:
• TrueChoicePack goes beyond providing disposable products and packaging for your end use, with customized solutions that meet your specific needs.
• Whatever the strength, sustainability attributes, safety features, materials, industry certifications, handling and moving methods you require for your products, we have a solution for your disposable and packaging needs.
• Our value-added, customized strategic approach will help you achieve your ‘zero waste,’ sustainability and profitability goals.

2. Develop cost-effective PRIVATE LABEL BRANDS that will enhance your brand image and profitability:
• The cross-industry technical expertise of our in-house R&D team, our access to a wide range of products and our global supply chain network allow us to develop your esteemed private label brand products to cost-effectively enhance your brand image and sales;
• We offer a complete solution for your private label packaging and disposable products that meets all of your product branding requirements, as well as the unique product attributes, packaging, design, barcodes, distribution methods and industry certifications you demand.
• From the factory floor to the shop door, our private label solutions facilitate cost reductions at every stage of the cycle.

3. Bring INNOVATION to your packaging and disposables through in-house R&D capabilities:
• We understand that your needs are diverse, and vary depending on your industry, product, safety, handling and end-use applications. Our scientific and technical experts partner with you to bring innovation to every aspect of your products including product design and materials.

4. Develop sustainable packaging and disposables that achieve your GREEN AND BLACK GOALS:
• Our expert, scientific team offers you packaging and disposables solutions that can help you achieve two goals: the Green goal of reducing environmental impact and the Black goal of delivering reduced costs to improving profitability.
• Our innovative sustainable packaging and disposable solutions improve your sustainable brand image through our process that is focused on: 1) optimal engineering, 2) process and energy management 3) materials science and 4) life cycle to minimize the environmental impact of a product throughout its lifecycle.
• Our successful and established sustainable ‘BioGreenChoice’ brand features a line of 100% biodegradable and compostable food service disposable products that provide you with ‘zero waste’ products that are environmentally friendly and safe to human health.
• Regardless of where you are on your sustainable journey, TCP is your expert partner and guide during every stage of your sustainable journey.

• Our strong global supply chain manufacturing network allows us to manufacture, warehouse and ship your products worldwide where and when you need them. We provide you with access to products supplied by manufacturers and distributors at the best possible prices. Our global supply chain capability will reduce your capital costs and allow you to focus on your customers and business.

6. INCREASE PROFITABILITY through improved sales and efficiencies resulting from our uniquely designed infrastructure that enhances speed to market, flexibility and responsiveness:
• Improving our customers’ profitability is the primary goal of our business. We go above and beyond in providing you with a comprehensive, value-based solution designed to reduce costs and maximize earnings.
• We enhance your ability to generate higher sales through creation of an innovative, eco-friendly, sustainable brand image of your products, and through customized, cost-effective packaging and disposables ;
• Our infrastructure is uniquely designed to provide speed to market through short lead times, flexibility, on-time delivery, responsiveness and accurate order processing.